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  •  I've used Freecycle for awhile... (12+ / 0-)

    And have gotten rid of a bunch of perfectly good stuff to people who want it.  I love putting old magazines (SF and anime, craft) on Freecycle - lots of takers. And I've received cabinet knobs and an electric hedge trimmer from Freecycle (I have a wisteria, which means pretty much year-round pruning in Texas). The only thing I don't like about Freecycle is some of the cyclers - I have a major problem with no-shows. I do porch pickup (put it out in the morning for pickup during the day or night) but an awful lot of folks don't want to pick them up. Or they'll email me at work saying I'll be there at 1pm to pickup (I work 20 miles away from home - guess what's not happening).

    I don't use Craigslist much, but another venue is the heavy trash day. I make sure my trash (old chairs, computers, old yard tools, etc) is out a day or two before pickup - generally only 1/10 makes it to the landfill. I've put a box of books on the curb with a free sign - and watched one of the neighbor kids sitting on the sidewalk with a stack reading them.

    I had a huge ash tree cut down (approx 6ft diameter trunk and 20ft high) and they ground the stump. Since we scheduled it before the heavy yard trash pickup I told the crew to leave the wood out and just rake up the stump grounds. Probably 1/3 of the tree waste was taken before the city pickup (Houston mulches the yard trash pickup and uses the mulch in city parks and services), and after putting a free sign on the huge pile of stump grounds, much was removed by the neighbors (one guy even brought his tractor). Of course, I filled all my flower beds and have a bunch of bags of stump mulch stashed for my use.

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