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    My recently deceased mom was a bit of a... ahem... collector (especially of clothes) - I'm in this huge battle with my sister right now about freecycling vs consignment. Yes, a lot of the clothes are like-new and very high-end, but you know what? Consignment stores are snobs. You have to bring things to them cleaned, pressed, and hangered; and to be honest, when you're dealing with the sheer volume of stuff to get rid of, it's easier to neatly fold and box stuff up, and offer it as a random lot to people, i.e. "Box of misc. size 20-22 ladies' tops". It also makes you feel better, because, while there certainly are the opportunist entrepreneurs out there, a lot of times it's genuinely going to someone who needs it.

    Also, I don't know if it's allowed on other Freecycle lists, but every holiday we Freecycle complete holiday meals with the freebies we get from grocery store points. So Thanksgiving we FC a frozen turkey, bag of potatoes, bag of stuffing, cans of yams, etc (with usually a couple dozen homemade cookies to top it off). The thank-you emails we get back are truly humbling.

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