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    RiveroftheWest, ybruti

    I am going to jump right on this one, ybruti, and will love reading more about what you initially brought up (given the big blast of the 40s). I don't know why I am so doggone fascinated with that era and that huge blast, but I am. I guess, too, it was like a birth of a kind, an atomic birth, that changed everything from there on, and of course introduced the cliche of the "Atomic world." One of my student's father's (when I was teaching guitar and music theory here in the Burqy region) was a scientist at LANL (Los Alamos) and had connections with someone down there and we took a drive to White Sands (an over nighter) and he got us into the Trinity site. . .without the usual millions of others crowding to the site twice a year). I remember standing in that huge blast era and I swear. . .I swear I heard everything that was spoken by the scientists that day (in my head, of course) and then heard and felt and saw the blast. It was so quiet there; so haunting, and it had a very strange and powerful effect on me. . .that austere silence and the replication going on inside my head. Anyway, thank you so much for sending this information to me. I really do appreciate your effort and comments on the matter.

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    by richholtzin on Thu Mar 28, 2013 at 06:04:29 AM PDT

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