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View Diary: FDNY Lieutenant Has The Sads After Outed Over Racist Tweets (135 comments)

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  •  I worked EMS / FF in a rural midwest area (5+ / 0-)

    20 years ago and it is exactly the culture that you describe above that made me quit and not look back.  I loved the actual work but could not stand the racist, sexist, homophobic, closed-mind attitudes of virtually 100% of my co-workers.  As you also say, there were several men and women who were exceptions to this but far and few between.  Unfortunately, I did not always see that the work performed was not also influenced by the prejudices of the worker.  

    I am greatly saddened to read that things have not changed in the profession and am especially surprised to know that this occurs in big cities with what I always assumed were pioneers in techniques and attitudes of EMS.

    And I thank you for all you do - and that you are able to keep your humanity and sanity in a profession that numbs feelings and strains your mind and body.

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