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  •  some factories are bundling time off into PTO (10+ / 0-)

    where sick leave, bereavement leave, vacation, etc. are all bundled into a certain number of days or hours off.  They are trying to ensure workers don't use sick days for vacation or vice versa

    •  This is true for white collar jobs as well (3+ / 0-)
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      magnetics, blueoasis, Sychotic1

      I am a software developer and my last job just gave a number of PTO days, which were earned over time but you could borrow against future earned days.  You had to make sure you saved days in case you got sick but they were fairly generous and you could even borrow days from the next year at your manager's discretion.    

      I don't understand how having a point system as the diarist describes is beneficial to a factory.  I worked in a factory when I was in college (a job I actually liked quite a bit) and if were didn't want to go in, we just called.  There were no repercussions other than we didn't get paid for the shift.  It was if they planned for a certain number of people to call in every day and since we were mostly interchangeable, they just moved us around to cover all the lines.

      •  because they get a new pool of workers that will (1+ / 0-)
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        anxious to impress work hard ect and the job requires no training so optimum performance

      •  when I did line work there were repercussions (0+ / 0-)

        such as no chance for overtime, which you had to have to pay the bills, and also getting all the crap work.  Did i mention there was no AC, only a large fan per section?

        Lots of difference between a summer job and supporting a family.  One summer doesn't make for a lot of knee damage but years on a concrete floor will destroy your knees and hips

        •  It wasn't just a summer job (0+ / 0-)

          I spent two year there putting myself through college and working full time but I wasn't trying to say that all factory jobs are wonderful.  I was comparing my experience because it doesn't seem like good business to constantly be turning over the work force.

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