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  •  It's weird, because (0+ / 0-)

    the ASPCA types are fascistic from their side as well. It seems like it's harder to adopt a pet than it is a child. And they are always reporting people for letting their cats outside or something stupid.

    I was at a party once and the talk found itself about race horses. I related how my ex-husband had a horse that loved twinkies and he would go to the track every day with a twinkie pack in his pocket. Now this wasn't a stakes winner but still a very accomplished horse as he won over 35 races and raced until he was 9 or so, so he was extremely sound. He was never injured, he just got older and heavier and then was retired. 35 wins is pretty much unheard of. There may be a handful of horses in that category.

    So this woman goes off on me about how feeding twinkies to a horse is animal abuse. I told her that horses eat all sorts of things and a pair of twinkies fed to a 1200 lb horse wasn't really going to make a dent. [I also had a horse as child who liked hamburgers and hot dogs occasionally, he lived a long life and went on to be grand champion 3 gaited saddlebred after my cousin took him when we moved. My step father got him at an auction.] But anyway, the woman got enraged and kept raving to the point I was surveilling the house looking for exits and eyeing the furniture as possible defensive was that bad. I found my exit and she was still raving as I walked out the door conscious of my rear flank.

    So my point is I guess, is that we are being squeezed by both ends. The people who want no scrutiny and the people who want absolute scrutiny of every little thing you do and there is no common sense middle ground. Maybe they are the same people. Seems like it.

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