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View Diary: Ed Reform: Seductive Arguments and Attractive Solutions (74 comments)

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  •  Fuck em and their "return " on investment (0+ / 0-)

    when do they ever account for the money they waste on utter bullshit? don't tax cuts and 'incentives" to business suck money from the people? Where's the ROI when a Walmart or other big box threatens a town if it doesn't get incentives? Then they hire people who are paid so little they are told to go get food stamps, and shown how to do it. They don't give a shit about kids, what they care about is getting rid of pesky unions and punishing ( mostly female ) teachers for being uppity enough to be educated and have some shred of a middle class lifestyle while the rest of the workforce has suffered under right wing "prosperity". Ed Schulz just mentioned this on the radio today about how they are turning working people against each other, and it 's a damn shame his voice isn't there each night for the workers anymore on MSNBC.

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