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View Diary: Ed Reform: Seductive Arguments and Attractive Solutions (74 comments)

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    But you really make it hard. The best example I have is that in Washington state all students have choice on what school they wish to attend. We aren't the only state with that law. So stop making things up about "whenever anyone tries to give a poor family the choice to leave, the proposal is slapped down by the Entrenched Educational Establishment." That's BS. Pure BS.

    And by the way. We aren't complaining that the schools have a high concentration of poor kids. We are complaining that ignorant people such as yourself don't see that we work harder to protect, feed, mentor, and educate these children than anyone while you and your ilk attack us as not doing enough.

    Frankly we are complaining--not that schools have too many poor kids. We are complaining that there are too many poor kids period. You just don't get it.

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