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View Diary: Dear Conservative Christian Leaders: Why Are You Silent about Rape? (84 comments)

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  •  in their eyes, rape is "normal" and any pregnancie (6+ / 0-)

    are a gift from God.  In their eyes, abortion and BC is murder; you have to start at this point as they feel murder is the most heinous of crimes except for Teh Gay.  Now how they pick out which sins or crimes are the worse, I dunno except these leaders stand for the status quo.

    For these statists, all civilization stopped developing 2000 years ago when we all got the rulebook.  Buffet Christians tend to abhor the sins which they feel they are least likely to commit, i.e. abortion and Teh Gay.  Other sins or crimes they are ambivalent over because they and theirs could one day find themselves committing said crimes.

    Also we have to mention the Fall, which was all Eve's fault and which has been used as a reason to mistreat women for millennia.   This means rape happens when women entrap men into attacking them for their own nefarious reasons.  After all, access to sex is the females' domain and anytime sex happens, it has to be the female who is at fault, no matter the circumstances.

    Perverted world view to be sure but to some degree the view of many Americans who view women as Bed and Breakfasts, created for sex and housekeeping only      

    •  Ah yes (1+ / 0-)
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      Glorious men would never have lustful thoughts unless those women made us do it. They MAKE us rape them, I tell you!

      Those women should take responsibility for their own actions like we men do.

      And besides, it's not rape unless three or more of my respectable male friends are there watching.

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