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    Quite the opposite, my post aims at fighting some of the spin from anti-wind opponent, some of which you yourself repeat mindlessly.

    Why should wind plants be needed 24/7 (ie why should there be backup for the time they don't run). Very few plants run 24/7, given that demand is itself not flat, running from 1 to 2 or 1 to 3 on a daily basis (depending on the season), and the system adapting to that. It's true that wind is not "on-demand" but all that means is that the grid has to adapt to net demand minus wind production at any time, and that's not substantially harder than to adapt to net demand.

    As to the price effect, you have lower wholesale prices which apply to the full market, but the higher feed-in tariff applies only to the part of production coming from renewables, so the net effect of the two, for a large range of renewable energy penetration, is favorable to consumers - and it does mean that traditional producers get less money while RE producers' income are protected.

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