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  •  I think a lot of the problem (14+ / 0-)

    is that colleges and universities have always been insular little fiefdoms, primarily interested in preserving their reputation at any cost. In that sense, there is nothing new about this behaviour.

    What has changed is that the internet and social media have punctured the traditional veil of silence, and society is no longer willing to give these pompous assholes a pass, just because they represent a "prestigious institution".

    And now the Obama administration has made it clear that language of Title IX requires all institutions that receive Federal funds to handle complaints of sexual assault in a manner that is open, compliant with all applicable laws, and fair to all parties involved. And they mean it - they've already come down on Princeton and Yale, and are investigating a number of school, including UNC. This means that these weasels will no longer be able to apply the tactic of stalling until the students involved graduate/drop out, then sweeping the whole thing under the table.

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