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  •  Board Chair Wade Hampton Hargrove, huh? (1+ / 0-)
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    white blitz

    Am I totally off the wall to suspect that the fact that this football-loving, sexist institution is chaired by a guy named after one of the Confederacy's leading slave owners, Civil War generals, and postwar Lost Cause advocates may not be a coincidence?  I know, I know--I'm ashamed of myself for trafficking in such stereotyping.  After all, he didn't name himself, and even if his parents weren't exactly progressive, he might be.  Hell, I know a plaintiff's labor attorney named Robert E. Lee, and he's Black!  But I still can't quite get it out of my head that an institution headed by a guy named after Wade Hampton might not be in the forefront of the battle against sexism.

    I'm just sayin'.........

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