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  •  Cheers from Florida (7+ / 0-)

    Which today truly is the Sunshine State.

    Jeers (yes, I gave in to the dark side) that we didn't get enough rain with the wind on Sunday to do anything about our drought numbers. Who wants to wake up to a weather forecaster saying "...20 inches of rain yesterday, a state record, but watch out for that elevated fire threat!"

    Maybe not 20.

    Cheers to a job I love (and will have to get back to in about 3 minutes) ... cheers to also loving my boss, with whom I had a three hour meeting this morning. It was supposed to be one hour, but unfortunately we're in repair mode due to the actions of others who didn't think things through before they did them....and no, it's not job security. Being good at my job is job security (such as it is); being good at other people's jobs is pointless, time-sucking, and exhausting.

    Cheers to research--the next book up is on unconditional love, which can be pretty inspiring to read on. Two hours last evening hunting down Rumi quotes--I can take on anything today.

    And no, unconditional love doesn't mean you can't reject every Republican statement ever made, so you can have it all :)

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