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  •  I wasn't going to get picky (2+ / 0-)
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    happy camper, Smoh

    about the specific term, since it's bandied about from so many directions so indiscriminately these days that it's lost all particular specificity. Just means "afraid" of whatever the term is tossed as applying to. Not much punch as an epithet.

    I see 'paranoia' in the watered-down sense as being entirely legitimate on both sides of this coin. For whatever that's worth.

    I would never advise someone terrified of guns to get a gun for defensive use. In that scenario they are much more likely to end up shot by their own gun. Nor would I ever try to prevent someone sincerely afraid of criminals from getting a gun for defensive purposes. Even though they too are much more likely to end up shot by their own gun. It's a right, people choose to exercise it or not.

    People who are not afraid of guns or people with guns are the only ones who don't deserve the watered-down label 'paranoid'.

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