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    for the "Scalia is a putz" tag. I have followed it, not because I think there will be many diaries using it that I would not otherwise find in my stream, but because I want it in my list of followed tags.

    My high school life? Well, I was reflexively going to say it was miserable; certainly the "popular" kids made every effort to make it so. I was miserable all through grade school. But by high school, I had kind of accepted that it wasn't my issue, that it was not me who had something wrong, and if I could just survive to get out of town, I'd be okay. So overall, it wasn't that bad. It was a crappy school, so it wasn't a lot of effort to stay at the top of the class. I had a few friends; I didn't get invited to parties or on dates, but I did a lot of activities like the musical (crew only!), and choir, and fencing, so I kept busy. Also, I was sleeping with the drama teacher. That cheered me up a good deal. Thank you, Sam.

    I am not a joiner, mostly. I joined Sweet Adelines reluctantly, because I wanted to sing but was not at all sure I wanted to get mixed up with a lot of people. Indeed, a lot of them drive me nuts, but they are nice ladies and they would help me if I were in trouble.

    I was most certainly not raised with any religion. My parents were/are determined atheists. I am a Wiccan now. I was attracted because I wanted something to thank, and a big patriarchal God was absolutely not it for me. Now that I am constantly under my dad's eye (which is a bit difficult), I sneak off eight times a year to my circle, saying I'm going to a friend's house for dinner, which is true, because I would rather come out as anything else to my dad than as belonging to any religion.

    Eighty is about as long as women in my matriarchal line ever last; I hope to beat that. Cheesy potatoes are my greatest downfall, and I need to cut that shit out if I want to make it to 81.

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