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    I met both of my maternal grandparents, but barely remember my grandfather, as he passed away before I even started kindergarten.
    I do remember that he had a mustache that used to scare me for some reason.
    My grandma had a very heavy German accent and she always had canned cherries and the best home-baked walnut cookies that she served us kids.
    Oh yeah, and she baked the very best poppy-seed strudel.
    They were farmers and came over from Austria through Ellis Island some time in the late 1800s.

    I met my paternal grandfather and he was a character.
    He liked to smoke big stinky cigars, which my mom made him smoke outside.
    He liked young women a lot, and was a big flirt.
    He disliked my mother because she wasn't French and therefore he didn't care very much for us kids, because we were half-German.
    He was a teller of tall tales and after visiting my folks, he always wrote my dad letters after in which he proclaimed that my mom made him sleep in the garage and fed him bread and water but on a good day, she would toss in a slice of bologna.
    Back in them days, he was referred as senile, because he would repeat the same stories over and over again.
    Oh yeah, and he declared at one of my cousin's wedding that she would have N-word babies because she married a divorced man and could not be married in the Catholic Church.
    And I will never forget when he visited while I was still in high school and he commented that I better get married soon before I dried up down there.
    That was my grandpa from Quebec and he and my father spoke with very heavy French accents.
    They came over illegally from Quebec when my dad was 7 years old and my grandpa was an alcoholic back in them days and my dad went to work at 10 years old in an ice cream shop in downtown Detroit where they lived.
    My grandpa did not work and all the kids had to go to work young to support the family.
    When my dad married my mom, they had to live with his family until my Uncle Ferdinand could take over.
    My paternal grandma died in her 40s from diabetes.


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