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    If those facts are correct, is it likely that the SS system is tilted to favor some generations over others?  If so, by how much? .............. If my parents generation is benefitting at the expense of my kids or my generation, I would want that to be addressed as well.
    Old NY saying:  If the queen had balls, she'd be king.  

    IMO, too many "if's" to make an informed judgement.  On the other hand, an opinion can be formed with a million "if's".  

    My opinion is Social Security is the least of your generation's problems.  It is, however, the lowest hanging fruit that can be reached to rile up one generation towards another.  

    What I don't particularly understand is why one generation should benefit at the expense of others.

    Something we agree on.  

    If that is not the case, then my point is moot.  But if we did the analysis and find generational inequities don't we have an obligation to correct them?
    A misunderstanding, perhaps.  

    I thought  you were stating, with certainty, there were generational inequities.  

    The problem was you didn't prove the case.  

    Of course we have an obligation to correct inequities.  My suggestion is roll back  the Reagan tax cuts before we start talking about Social Security.  

    If you want to start with inequities, start there.  

    We're all in this together.  We  need to address the fundamental unfairness of the tax code, the runaway military spending, and the destruction of the social safety net.  Social Security is NOT the problem.  

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      I'm a data driven guy and the SS Trustees report, as Roger alluded to, doesn't, AFAIK, calculate the affect from one cohort to another.  That's why I cited the three facts that would lead me to believe there likely are generational inequities but since there isn't data (besides Generational Accounting) I had to call it a gut reaction.

      But you are right that there are too many unknowns and that is why I would like the data to be developed and I would hope that reformers and defenders of SS would both call for a look into this issue.

      We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them. Albert Einstein

      by theotherside on Thu Mar 28, 2013 at 09:14:33 AM PDT

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