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View Diary: Republicans refuse to comment on the law they spent millions defending in court (48 comments)

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    This reminds me of an old Far Side cartoon. In it, there is a dog who is surreptitiously eyeing a cat in a laundry room. The cat has paused, trying to understand what confronts it.

    There is a sign that says "Cat Fud." The cat is looking suspiciously at the sign -- for it is pointing directly into the clothes dryer.

    The dog, of course, is hoping that the cat falls for his ingenious little trick. "Please... oh please..." the dog is thinking (which we see courtesy of a thought bubble).

    I hope that the Republicans are "stupid" enough to embrace gay marriage. Seeing Evangelicals "walk" would be awesome.

    This "divide and conquer" strategy, or tactic, is in no way immoral or unethical. If anything, Evangelicals need their own party. They need a "God" party of some sort.

    Hitching their wagons to the Richie Rich party has gotten them nowhere. Leaving it will get them even closer to nowhere -- but at least they won't be standing up for something that is untenable to any religiously-minded person.

    And that way, the Democrats can claim a HUGE majority -- with few minor outliers, like the GOP, the T-Party, and the G-Party.


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