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View Diary: Republicans refuse to comment on the law they spent millions defending in court (48 comments)

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  •  The House defense of DOMA seems like (0+ / 0-)

    nothing more than an opportunity to funnel millions of tax dollars into the pockets of one Paul Clement...a man who began his career clerking for Scalia, moved up the ranks in the Justice Dept on the merits of being a loyal Bushie who would defend their illegal war and torture program without question and now is the GOP's go-to lawyer for SCOTUS cases thanks to his connections to Scalia and his track record as a loyal foot soldier.

    I'm sure Boehner couldn't care less about gay marriage as long as it doesn't cause a shortage of Merlot and cigarettes. Wasting tax dollars on a partisan political issue is something GOPers can always get behind no matter the cause, particularly if those dollars are going into the pockets of one of their own. To Boehner it's a win/win no matter what the SCOTUS decision.

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