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  •  My kids have led a pretty (0+ / 0-)

    sheltered life (sheltered from hate, that is), in that we homeschooled them for several years and then sent them to a school that embraces all kinds of diversity. They are completely flabbergasted to learn that anyone opposes marraige equality. They have several friends with 2 moms or 2 dads, so the "arguments" about the detrimental effects on children really don't fly with them. Like they don't fly with anyone who knows better because they actually make the effort to get to know and care about people who aren't exactly like them. As the world becomes smaller it simply becomes less possible to make any rational case against equality. A shrinking number of people are choosing to stick their heads in the sand so they don't have to learn better, but they can't last much longer. Sooner or later everyone has to come up for air.

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