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  •  They're afraid of ol' Strom Thurmond! (4+ / 0-)
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    Cooper's bizarro arguments make sense if you consider o' Strom to be yer normal man.  As there are two circumstances in which he is the poster child.

    1) An old man marries a young woman and they reproduce. Strom did this, fathering a kid sometime after 70, and amazingly enough living long enough to see the kid grow up.

    2) A young man shtups a woman not his wife, and she has a kid, the identify of whose father remains a secret for decades, until the offspring of the unsanctioned union is middle-aged.  Strom did this too, imposing his fecund white schvonz upon a woman who he couldn't even legally have married at the time and place had he wanted to, which he most certainly didn't, since African-American women were treated as sort of a "droit de seigneur" privilege of southern white men.

    Now honoring the vows of gay marriage doesn't prevent either of those fatherins', so it doesn't fit into their Strom-like model of sexuality and family.

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