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  •  indeed (8+ / 0-)

    the patchwork will make it all fall down, probably within 15 years. I know, a long time, but this court seems timid on this particular issue.

    The example I used in an earlier diary was the drive between Boston and Washington DC. A same sex couple married in MA is unmarried in RI (although, recognized? I don't know.) Married again in CT. Still married in NY. Unmarried in NJ (unsure if they recognize the union done in MA.) They're really unmarried in PA---and state law is passive-aggressively hostile to LGBTIQs here, I know because I live here. They might be recognized in DE (which does have Civil Unions.) They're married again in MD, and then they're married again in DC.

    That's not sustainable. The bad peoples' side knows it too. And that's why we will win.

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