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View Diary: Analysis: Dow 30 companies show what a joke calling corporate tax burden 'heavy' has become (70 comments)

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  •  "Corporate revenues represented only 7.4 percent.. (1+ / 0-)
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    Eric Nelson

    of all federal tax receipts in 2003.

    If "Corporations paid only 7.4 percent of all tax receipts in 2003," who did that leave to pay the other 92.6% of tax receipts?  

    ...According to OMB historical data, corporate taxes averaged 2 percent of GDP in the 1990s...

    ...The share that corporate tax revenues comprise of total federal tax revenues also has collapsed, falling from an average of 28 percent of federal revenues in the 1950s and 21 percent in the 1960s to an average of about 10 percent since the 1980s....

    Again, as corporations send their money (and jobs) overseas, they continue to maneuver themselves tax breaks, and to contribute less and less.  Yet they complain louder and louder as they pay less and less.

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