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    Our son was working in another state (hired as a 1099 contractor which meant the company paid him no overtime and no benefits) and landed in the hospital for a week.

    The bills piled up and up.

    He was barely treading water with his $13/hr job (he had to take out his own SS, etc) and then because he was hospitalized the job was gone.

    I made a lot of calls- there was no way he would be able to work for awhile, either.   The hospital did have some charity care set aside and with a lot of paperwork was able to get the bill reduced by more than 90%.

    Call and see if they have something like this.  It's so wrong how health care goes in this country.   Our son is working again but the job has no benefits so he's insured under our plan until he's 26.  I fear for the day it ends.

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    by offred on Wed Mar 27, 2013 at 04:38:42 PM PDT

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