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  •  The US is behind (2+ / 0-)
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    We still are arguing about direct deposit of paychecks and other funds.

    •  Which I find hilarious. (4+ / 0-)

      Physical checks basically don't exist up here.  I don't think it's even possible to get them.  Nowhere would accept them.  Our banks are full-featured with everything controllable online - think Paypal, without the fees, everyone has an account, and you even have an inbox for messages and the like (for example, instead of getting paper bills and wage statements, they just show up in the "rafræn skjöl" (digital documents) folder).  My bills for everything (and I mean everything) automatically show up in the "ógreiddir reikningar" (unpaid bills) folder, and I pay them just by selecting them and typing in my pin.  Also charities can use the list to add optional things that you can select to donate (they show up in a separate, optional section, and you can opt out if you prefer not to see them).  

      To give a sense of what it means, one day I had an electrician connect my oven, and when he was done I realized I couldn't find my purse.  No problem.  I just pulled out my cell, popped up my bank's website (there's also apps), he gave me his account number, and I direct transferred him his fee.  You can do this sort of thing with anyone, anywhere, any time.  To the point that I caused confusion one day when I asked a coworker who was collecting donations to buy a birthday gift for another coworker if he could wait for me to run to the ATM.  The confusion was because, of course you don't give cash, you just send it to the guy's bank account!

      Oh, and don't get me started on how much pathetically easier taxes are here than in the US.  The government already has all your info, it pops up online when you log in.  You just click to confirm the different sections (or change something if you disagree), click to submit, and you're done.  

      Grr, still need to do my US taxes...

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