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View Diary: Soft, fuzzy, and all about 'traditional marriage'? No, DOMA was the demon seed of a hate group. (106 comments)

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  •  Bible-thumping freak show. (5+ / 0-)

    Some days I think the theory of evolution is disproved because these people are just such throwbacks.

    And this:

    If you are a devout Christian, Jew or Muslim, or just believe that homosexuality is wrong, and the law gives homosexuality protected status, then your personal beliefs are now outside civil law. The entire civil rights apparatus can be brought against you.
    is part of the overall nutty ideas these goobers harbor, along with their generally violent fantasy of overthrowing this Evil Government.

    These dog whistles will - sooner than later - be calls for violence against you and me, because these people are delusional and they more and more want to act out those delusions.

    Keep an eye on them.

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