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  •  I have a problem with this, and I'm just not (0+ / 0-)

    motivated to help my President and my party until I know for sure that he and they won't cave on Social Security and Medcare so called reforms.
    If I was hearing that "reform" included raising the funding level to more than the $109,000 to $250,000 instead of the awful CPI, I could rally to the cause.
    If I was hearing that Medicare would finally be allowed to bargain for the cost of RX drugs in an effort to lower the overall cost of heath care, I could rally to the cause.
    But I'm not hearing any of that. All I'm hearing is "grand bargain" and re-treaded Republican ideas from the last decade.
    I'm that boots on the ground lady who does all of the actual work to get out the vote, so I say to the President - make me. Give me a good reason to get my 66 year old self off of the coach and donate/work to elect more Democrats who will help the President make my life worse?
    Really, I don't think much of the Republicans but we can at least blame them, at this point in time, if we get screwed.

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