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View Diary: Patrick J. Buchanan again appears on the scene (19 comments)

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    It always seemed to me that Buchanan was easy to predict. If something was good for Israel, or it was a proposal presented by a Jew, or if it was good for Jews, he was against it. If it hurt Israel or Jews, he was for it.

    Didn't matter if the proposal or the idea was Conservative or Liberal so much. What mattered was whether or not it was good for the Jews or had anyone who was Jewish connected to it or opposed to it.

    When there was no Jewish element to a topic Patty tended to flounder a bit before discovering some other bigoted position that he could espouse.

    From time to time he would come up with something that stood against the views of top Conservatives, but he'd get a little ink on it and it would have no effect.

    As a human I always rated him as a zero. As a politician he was a has-been. A wasted life.

    A Southerner in Yankeeland

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