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  •  Poverty and (4+ / 0-)

    economic inequity/injustice, and racism seem to be part of the equation in taking away children from young mothers. Being both young and not having the means to support yourself and your child in any society that looks upon the poor as losers who are not fit to raise a child.

    Perhaps the best reparation and way to stop this trafficking in babies is for societies ours, the Aussies, anywhere where young mothers are used like this, would be to foster community, education and to stop thinking of humans as valueless if they don't have the means to compete in the 'race to the top'.  

    It seems to me these days we as humans are moving backwards to a cruel time/ place where huge swaths of the people are simply a profit loss or a source of cheap labor. Look at what we as a country are doing to people in our society who are powerless and poor.

    Don't mean to go off topic but it really struck me that humans globally and especially in our 'meritorious' society are nothing but chattel. Mea Culpa's and apologies from heads of states  acknowledging the damage done is a start, I guess. What would really help to stop these adoption horror stories would be for the so called leaders of our society to stop looking at humans valueless and a profit loss. How can these vulnerable young mother's be 'productive' in a world that does not provide them any way to live a decent life and raise their children?  

    Welfare queens, along with people stuck for generations in poverty seem to be the price we are paying for 'wealth creating'. Punitive and cruel policy that dehumanizes large swaths of people and has no respect for human welfare has become inevitable 'the way forward'. The concept of common good and the general welfare and an economy that is just has been replaced by the cruel, viscous global free market.  These mothers and their children are victims they are used to make a profit and provide a product that is a human life in the 'ownership society'.          

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