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  •  Greek.... (5+ / 0-)
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    sfbob, raincrow, wasatch, Eyesbright, kyril

    I was mostly referring to the Hebrew scriptures, not knowing Greek myself.  Greek may be more rationally constructed, as the Greeks afterall invented rationalism.  But struggling with even the literal meaning in biblical Hebrew is a good tonic for any absolutism, though in some the disease may be too strong.

    •  Only the Old Testament is originally in Hebrew. (11+ / 0-)

      The New Testament, the foundation document of Christianity, is originally in Greek, and possibly partly in Aramaic, translated into Greek.

      And both parts of the Bible as we know it considers women to be chattel.  Even the celebrated ones quite literally belong to their fathers or husbands.

    •  Zizek is incredibly (5+ / 0-)
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      ChurchofBruce, codairem, kyril, caul, aitchdee

      misguided on these things, has eulogized the virtues of the ultra-conservative John Milbank and his defense of traditional catholicism (who has sided with the British conservative party and waxed poetic about feudalism(!!!!)), and has talked about the failure of Judaism in texts like The Fragile Absolute and The Puppet and the Dwarf.  Nor is it true that the universalist legacy arose from Christianity.  It arose from Greece and is clearly present in the thought of Plato (who you might recall argued that women could serve as philosopher-kings and guardians, a claim the Bible doesn't remotely explore).  Zizek's said some pretty despicable things about the Roma as well.

      All that aside, the Zizek-Eagleton brand of Christianity is tremendously cynical:  "We know it's all false, that it's all a bunch of myths and stories as in comic books-- Caputo has actually argued this! --but the vast majority of people are dopes and need these things so we should cynically use them to our advantage."  Do you really need a Straussian politics of noble lies?

      •  I'll add that Plato even (3+ / 0-)
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        kyril, caul, aitchdee

        portrays Socrates as having learned everything he knows about philosophy from the woman Diotima in the Symposium.  You find nothing like that sort of universalism in Christianity.

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