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View Diary: Utah Gun Lobbyist's Thermal Scope Assault Rifle Stolen From His Car (244 comments)

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  •  OK, I get it (or think I do) (1+ / 0-)
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    I used to own a hand gun with several field-interchangeable barrels of different  lengths.

    But the value of the gun was not in the barrels (well, I think the longest barrel which I didn't own may have been pricey), so this makes sense.

    But IIRC, the serial number on my gun wasn't on the barrel, but on the frame, so I guess it is different from the stolen gun.  And certainly the main economic value was in the frame.

    It seems a no- brainer, anti-theft proposition that all significant sections of guns could have serial numbers to make a stolen gun less parts-able.

    Aren't significant, valuable parts of cars made that way: air bags, trannies, radios etc.? (They are in our old cars, I'm pretty sure.)

    Thank you for the explanation about definition of lower assembly and reason (ex-mil. design).


    •  Doesn't matter what kind of gun (1+ / 0-)
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      Patrick Costighan

      The receiver, i.e., the frame, is the only part of the gun that federal law considers the gun part of the gun. And that part will always have a serial number. (Well, unless you made it yourself from an incomplete receiver, such as an AK flat or an 80% AR-15 receiver, and are not planning on ever selling or transferring the firearm).

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