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  •  Interesting diary. I have lived behind the Orange (1+ / 0-)
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    Curtain since 1979.  I have a plan to do a monograph on the demographic transition here since 1980.  Something like, "Ethnic Orange County" ala Walldinger. One of the trends that was not mentioned here but affects political outcome has been large enclaves of: Armenians, Persians, Saudis as well as Koreans.
    Diarist noted that Cypress has Vietnamese?  That doesn't seem right, so I am wondering if it came from Census?

    The other "micro" political climate in OC is the growth of the LDS near some of their newer temples--Newport and Aliso Viejo, in particular.

    •  I think... (0+ / 0-)

      ...there has been a "drifting" of the Vietnamese population into Cypress, so that (at least) sounds correct. I don't have data to prove it, though.

      What the what about a Mormon temple in Newport? And Aliso Viejo?!?

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