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  •  More Fullerton memories: the DMV is on Valencia (0+ / 0-)

    Drive, and I lived on Valencia Mesa Drive. As my landlady said, one could occasionally see people driving back and forth along Valencia Mesa, looking in vain for the DMV.

    There were condos adjoining the rail station downtown, and I had to wonder who in his/her right mind would buy one. Even though the trains didn't blow their horns as they came through, there were still lots of freight trains, with their smells and vibrations. I looked at a room for rent on one of them, just for grins, and the owner didn't live there; he'd bought it as an investment. Ohhhhh-KAY. The local paper mentioned that some of the units remained unsold. Can't think why.

    Then again, in Gaithersburg, MD, which I just left, the freights do blast their horns. I lived a mile away from downtown and could hear them at all hours. Nevertheless, there was a big condo within rock-throwing distance of the tracks, and I was told the units started at $1,500. Ohhhhh-KAY.

    I played most Saturday mornings with an all-trombone group in Santa Ana, and kept forgetting to visit the Crystal Cathedral (for a glimpse into the abyss.) "You can see it from the 5," I was told, but since I didn't know what it looked like, I doubtless stared right at it, all unknowing.

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