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View Diary: How the 90% Is Getting Something for Nothing: Wage Slavery (183 comments)

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    I worry though that when we eventually do reach that critical moment in which the masses do radicalize that the people best poised to embrace and mobilize them will be the more fascistic movements rather than the more socialistic movements.
    The longer we continue on the "downward spiral" that the neoliberals have us on, the greater that chance. The guns aren't being stockpiled for nothing.

    Populism sells on the campaign trail. It would kill in office.
    Our problem is getting any kind of critical mass of good representatives in office. You can count 'em on one hand, and we need hundreds.

    What's the point of letting neoliberals into the tent when neoliberalism is burning down the campground?

    by Words In Action on Sat Mar 30, 2013 at 05:21:18 PM PDT

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