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View Diary: Sexism in childrens shows. How Cars: Mater's Tall Tales encourages objectification of women (38 comments)

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  •  You are seriously overthinking it (7+ / 0-)

    If anything, the Mater character is a negative stereotype against southerners.  He's voiced by "Larry the Cable Guy" who is essentially the blackface equivalent of a buck-toothed "redneck" caricature.  The whole point of those cartoons is that Mater is an idiot and comes up with ridiculous ideas.  If you watch the actual "Cars" movie, you'll see women with more prominent and normal roles.  Ms. Sally is the love interest of Lightning McQueen, but she is smart (a lawyer), caring, and is sort of the strength behind the entire town.  Flow is more of a behind the scenes matriarchal type, perhaps a negative stereotype in that regard but nobody treats her as inferior.  It sounds to me like you aren't familiar with the context of the Cars universe, so the clips you have seen aren't sitting well with you.

    •  As I said in my above reply to another. (4+ / 0-)

      I understand how it fits into the universe. I still don't think it makes it all right. In fact I'd have been a lot more comfortable with it if at the end of each of the stories something didn't happen to prove that Mater is indeed telling the truth. In the example I mention in my diary even after he's done telling the story and is arguing with McQueen over whether or not it happened, "his" GTO rolls by and says "Helloooo doctor" again, thereby proving that the stories aren't just a product of him trying to puff himself up, that they actually happened how he said. So yes, he's a redneck stereotype, that doesn't make the treatment of women in the show any better, and just because this treatment wasn't evident in the movie doesn't make it's appearance here ok.

    •  And those are the only two female (0+ / 0-)

      characters in the entire movie that I remember (haven't seen the second movie, which I understand adds one more), excepting a single character who's even more marginally "supporting" than Flow is.

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