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View Diary: And now a word about oil pipeline safety (58 comments)

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  •  The bitumen is solid when it's extracted. They (7+ / 0-)

    could move it with no spill risk at all.  But, rail is more expensive.  They just want to move it as cheaply, with less human intervention day to day and be able to move as much as possible 24/7.

    The only way to slow down this carbon bomb is to stop the pipeline.  I hate to say this, their PM is so gung ho, they may have a major accident in Canada which would perhaps result in their own people seeing how wrong this is.

    As time passes, fossil fuels will be less powerful by volume and more expensive to extract.  Americans need to lower consumption and eat less meat.

    I know it sounds stupid, but livestock production has a HUGE carbon footprint.

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