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    will get done, but... so what? The TeaPubs refuse to negotiate, so why are Dems negotiating with them? Fuck that. Harry screwed the pooch when he allowed the TeaPubs off the hook in January by not fixing the filibuster. That has come back to bite him - and us - in the ass. You would have thought Harry would have learned by now that these sociopaths have their fingers crossed behind their backs every time they open their mouths.
    I would not negotiate jack with these mofos.
    And amazed that Harry and the president continue to act like they haven't been down this road about a hundred times. Yet somehow expect different results from this Congress.
    This is the Big Time. The Show. All I ask is that they act like they've been here. Instead, they act like this is their first day. Act like you've been there, Harry. And you, too, Mr. President. Stop acting like this is your first day, out to make a good impression. The sociopaths are only interested in having you for lunch. And are setting the table. And, it looks like you are bringing them dessert. Stop it. Stop acting like this is your first day. It's embarrassing. Act like you won in November.

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