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View Diary: MN-02: What are the Issues in the 2nd Congressional District? - Congressman John Kline's District (5 comments)

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  •  Grumpy Granpa-vs-Successful Businesswoman or Pizza (0+ / 0-)

    I am not a resident of MN-02, however I have written about Minnesota politicians at and ... and Chairman Kline has been a frequent source of commentary.

    IMO, for the country to improve, certain legislators must be defeated.  Chairman Kline controls the Education and Labor legislation.  He opposed the Safe Students Act when George Miller was Chairman (but it died in the Senate) and since becoming Chairman has refused to bring forward the bill.
    His major task should have been to reform NoChildLeftBehind, but even his Successful Student Act was called "bad for students, bad for taxpayers" by the US Chamber of Commerce.
    Last week, we commemorated the Massey mining disaster ... and he has denied movement on legislation to improve mine safety and with the sequester, the monies to inspect/prosecute are being reduced.
    In short, the Chairman has done nothing for education or labor but has been receptive to for-profit, charter schools and business interests.

    That said, does the Second District care about those issues ?

    Chairman Kline has a proven successful strategy for elections … sending Franked mail to supporters throughout the year, hold a few TeleTown Hall meetings with friendly callers, walk in a few parades, and refuse to debate or participate in forums.  FarmFest is a big event, and the 2nd District has a significant farm base, yet he never shows up for the forum even though virtually every other politician is there.  As mentioned by the previous commentator, Chairman Kline has limited himself to a half-hour MPR joint interview with his challenger for the last two elections. His rant is the same … Washington is spending too much.

    Last cycle, the DFL’s candidate was Mike Obermueller who introduced himself to the public in a television commercial called  "Washington Pizza" amazingly Mike never said in the commercial that he was running for Congress ... much less that he was running in the Second District … nor that he was a Democrat.  IF you did not know, you may have thought he was an Independent.  The odd thing is that the company that produced the “Washington Pizza” commercial, also did one for a candidate in Georgia using the “empty lectern” to complain about the lack of debates -- that’s the message that should have been used to contrast himself with Chairman Kline and to begin to engage voters on Chairman Kline's performance … a little "Educating the voters" campaign was needed.

    How bad did they fail ? Well, consider this :
    Obama won the District with 184,801 votes
    Klobuchar won the District with 226,099
    DFL won the MN Senate Districts with 186,418
    DFL barely lost the MN House Districts by 802 votes but still tallied 172,104
    There were 200,763 NO votes on the Marriage Amendment and 182,350 NO votes on the Voter ID.
    Thus, isn't it reasonable to anticipate that at least 172,104 voters would support a DFL candidate for Congress (if not 182,350) ... yet Mike Obermueller only got 164,335 ... meaning that the ticket-splitters went for Chairman Kline.
    Now, consider that 18,906 people voted in the Presidential election but failed to cast a vote in the Second District contest and tells us that the "education" failed ... let's just say, the No Voter Left Behind program got a failing grade.

    The district should have been more competitive ... it was either badly mismanaged or ignored ... the end result is two more years of Chairman Kline.

    Already, there are three campaigns underway to challenge Chairman Kline -- one from David Garson, who has stated that he will again challenge him in the GOP primary.  And Mike Obermueller has also announced that he wants another shot.
    But the big news is that Sona Mehring has announced her candidacy.  Sona is a successful businesswoman who has been instrumental in a number of private businesses and was the founder of Caring Bridge.  
    A Mehring-Kline contest could be most interesting as Sona has already gotten support from other businesswomen. Heck, in a press release, she is already challenging him to support same-sex marriage ... something that will never happen since Chairman Kline was still pushing to repeal DADT just last term

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