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  •  This is where having siblings & friends came in (17+ / 0-)

    handy for me (when they were small), at least when I was in grade school.  As an 'eldest' kid, it required some innovation to get true alone time with books.  If I mention wishing to go to the library, of course I had to take the others. So, I'd tow in a bunch of the young ones in a wagon with their library cards (critical step), and put them in little kids area--tell them they can pick out 1 book and then play with toys there. Run into non-fiction and get the 20 books on desired topics and check out on cards, maxing them out for the week. Then, as necessary, help the short people to decide on their book choices. Take them home again, read them each their 1 book (what a nice guy, hero!), then tell them to go out and play, hide and dive into your book pile, rinse & repeat the trip next week.  

    If forced to take siblings and go play outside and 'get some fresh air' by a petulant mother exhausted in imagination, then take them out and conduct science 'experiments', based on your readings, recruiting willing 'subjects' from these kids, and of course set aside control groups (always blindfold them).  Limit this for about 10 minutes, then, after announcing research results, revised theories and what needs to be tested in the future, go let them play another hour or so whilst reading, then return them intact to home(s).  The 10 minute limit isn't needed if kids are evolving from sea muck slime into weed eating or meat eating dinosaurs and then into Ice Age critters and cave clans & tribes...that experiment can run for days. Boys don't like to be jungle plants unless the plants get to eat animals. It is a handy experiment to do if the goal is to ensure the slimed muddy smaller ones all have to take baths upon return home--another hour plus of uninterrupted reading time. Kids don't point to the oldest and declare I made them do this--to get all muddy. They say they were just trying to eat their brother or sister or neighbor and that it was muddy and they were evolving.

    When life gives you wingnuts, make wingnut butter!

    by antirove on Sun Mar 31, 2013 at 03:14:27 PM PDT

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