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    A teacher stomping on an American flag and a teacher asking students to stomp on a paper with the word "Jesus" on it as part of a lesson is comparing apples to oranges.  When a teacher overtly or covertly requires a student to participate in a lesson and that participation goes against that student's belief system, the student might feel compelled to do that action since the teacher has an authority position over him/her.  If the teacher himself decides to stomp on it then he is expressing his freedom to do so.  So, in summary, if teacher does it it might be repugnant to others but teacher shouldn't be disciplined.  If he required student to do it or put student in a position in which student feels pressure to do it, either through peer pressure or through fear of teacher giving them a poor grade for the lesson, that is wrong and teacher POSSIBLY should be disciplined. And to me it would make no difference whether the word written was "Jesus," "Prophet Mohammed" or "Mom."

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