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View Diary: Ancient Africa: Symbolic Thought? (17 comments)

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  •  Thank you for this; for too long too much of (25+ / 0-)

    archeology has been focused on European and Middle Eastern development while ignoring the rich fields of exploration in Africa. (the Leakeys are a shining exception)

    For example, everyone knows about Rome but very little about other empires which were contemporaneous and as advanced if not more advanced.  For example, the bronzes of Benin are not well known outside of African experts but their method of sand casting remains unique to this day.

    Since Africa is the cradle of human development, it is only common sense (and I hate using this term) that humans, as they migrated, migrated with full blown social structures and the symbolism necessary to support such social structures.  We can project that at the time of the diaspora from Africa that some sort of mythology existed and that animals and other experiences were memorialized through art.

    I apologize for rambling a bit but it is exciting to see Africa recognized and the recent archeology there is receiving the attention it deserves  

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