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View Diary: * New Day * - This Week In American Indian News: Congressman Threatens Tribal Council With Violence (120 comments)

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    Cramer's demand was an old and all-too-common tactic, designed purely to put Ms. Merrick on the defensive. He followed it up by asking her opinion of her own nation's tribal council — in a way that made it impossible for her to answer. Of course, the point was never an honest exchange of information, nor was it to identify and resolve problems. It was to make a point — at the expense of Ms. Merrick, of Spirit Lake Nation, of Indians generally, of Indian women specifically. So when Ms. Merrick noted that members of her own tribal nation had been engaged in efforts to bring about positive change, he declared, in front of a roomful of anti-violence activists, two of whom were Native women survivors:

    "[I want to] wring the Tribal Council’s neck and slam them against the wall."

    then he tries to kill them softly.
    Cramer would not stop.  He asked for any questions or comments, but nobody spoke.  Nobody would look at him.  As he got up to leave, Cramer saw how upset the other Native woman in the room was.  He grabbed her without her consent, hugging her. Then he said, "I love you."
    Asshole. Always the same methods. How many women have experienced this ?

    I wished we all could learn and overcome our "politeness" and "good behaviour" to react to those methods effectively. One has to learn it just the way you learn physical self-defense  If we could have at least the nerves to say after having heard "I love you" "I don't and take your hands off me".

    Sigh. I am so sorry that you had to write this out, Aji, but it has to be done over and over and you are a stong fighter against all odds.

    Thank you for that.

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