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View Diary: OK-01: What are the Issues in the 1st District? - Congressman Jim Bridenstine's District (7 comments)

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    we are considered "urban" but we are in reality a  rural rural mentality.  i don't care what the population density says.

    67% of us are white
    9% black
    9% hispanic
    7% native american

    and in Oklahoma it's a 50/50 split for the Native Americans on voting Democratic and Republican.

    Last Democrat elected was was in 1987.

    Bridenstine defeated incumbent republican John Sullivan (happily discussing key missed votes due to Sullivan's alcohol rehab) in the primary by running as a teaparty favorite that was essentially recruited by local businesses.

    The hot topics for Bridenstine in the last election were:

    defeating Obamacare (of course)
    defeating Obama's socialist agenda (of course)
    keeping Oklahoma water out of Texas (don't sell our water during a year's long drought!)
    getting that darn Keystone pipeline through Oklahoma because of jobs
    abolish the IRS and have national Sales Tax
    protect sanctity of of marriage
    and never ever ever raise taxes (shame on you boehner!)

    for the most part the average Okie wants washington to stay our of their lives. no taxes please. no spending. strong national defense. drill baby drill. no obama care. gays are bad. mexicans make great food, but get out. but the biggest most important think lately is GUNS!

    For a democrat to be elected to washington DC here he/she needs to:

    be against gay marriage
    never say a kind thing about Obama
    be pro-life
    be pro-gun
    tax cuts!
    be connected (see Dan Boren, Markwayne Mullen's predecessor. He got elected because his father runs the University of Oklahoma...and he's on the board at the NRA too)

    It will be very difficult for a Democrat to win here in the foreseeable future.

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