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  •  Income and Wealth Inequality (5+ / 0-)

    ... is at the root of most our economic problems in this country.  But as you point out, the wealthy own the politicians and the corporate media, so all we hear about is reducing government spending, i.e. make the middle class give up more and more.

    A couple of months ago I did a back of the napkin calculation on the income inequality.  I found a source giving the total national annual income to be $14T. Compared to 30 years ago the top 1% have taken 10% more of the income pie than they did 30 years ago.  That 10% of $14T is $1.4T which if distributed to 100 million of the poorer households in the US comes to $14k per household.  Can you imagine how much better our economy and country would be if those 100M households had that $14k a year to spend?

    Poor man wants to be rich. Rich man wants to king. And the king ain't satisifed until he rules everything. B.Springsteen

    by howd on Sun Mar 31, 2013 at 05:50:49 PM PDT

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