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View Diary: Why $17 an Hour Should be the Minimum Wage (95 comments)

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    this is EXACTLY correct:

    It should be in ensuring that all have an opportunity to learn skills that make them competitive in today's economy.
    I remember 30 years ago some high schools in this area had vocational training for high school juniors and seniors -- they'd go in the afternoon and take a trade instead of electives.  They'd graduate with the ability to become a mechanic, or an electrician, or a welder, or a plumber, or an AC repair person, or a number of different skills that did not necessarily require a college degree, but could make them far more marketable at far better salaries than simply being an unskilled laborer.  

    I have a friend who graduated from high school  -- well, I don't want to say exactly how long ago.  He worked for another plumber for a while, started his own plumbing business, and now employs a bunch of other people as plumbers.  He and his wife (she manages his office and does his bookkeeping) are the "small business owners" that both sides talk about so much today.  

    That's exactly the kind of thing I meant when I said above that people who want to make a good living need to be encouraged to learn a marketable skill.  

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