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  •  They don't even know it, but it's a suicide pact. (1+ / 0-)
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    Each bloc of the GOP is going to keep shrieking for the others to stand down: Theocrats want Plutocrats to stand down, Plutocrats want LiberTeareans to shut the hell up, said LTs don't care about Theocrats' social agenda so long as they can cut taxes and keep the brown people and women down. But none of them is going to blink: there is too much cash and attention at stake for the leaders of these factions for them to be willing to take a back seat.

    There is no longer a central organizing principle of this confederacy of dunces except to hate Barack Obama.

    It used to be that law-and-order/military defense glued them together with flag-waving and knee-jerk God-and-Country patriotism. But nobody really believes there is a threat in the world to the US, except debt to China. Nobody really believes Iran or South Korea actually threatens the US, and all but the nuttiest know our adventures in Central Asia have been a disaster that needs to end.

    We've all been saying it for a long time--I first wrote on it last July--but the shattering of the Republican Party is here, and pathetic efforts at "rebranding" are not going to work.

    On a federal level, this is pretty great for us. But in individual states, Republican pursuit of extreme, dangerous right-wing policies is a significant threat to the liberty of millions and the ability of the country to function.

    I want there to be a Republican Party. Not this mess--but a countervailing voice basing its positions somewhat, at least, on reality. I sincerely doubt we're going to see it soon. More likely, as in the 60s and 70s, the Plutocrats will go where the power is, to the Democrats. And we'll have a whole new fight on our hands, once again, for the soul of our party.

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    by Dracowyrm on Mon Apr 01, 2013 at 01:34:06 PM PDT

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