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  •  Help! I am beset by shiny objects! (14+ / 0-)
    How good is your concentration; can you simply shut out unwanted distractions, or do they drive you to distraction?  How susceptible are you to the lure of shiny objects? What kind of shiny objects (it doesn't really have to shine - it could be that new book you got in the mail) is your favorite? What is your favorite holiday and why?
    I cannot shut out anything, unless what I'm doing is so absorbing I fall into it like a black hole.  I'm distracted by noise and... shiny objects.

    Very susceptible.

    My shiny objects are books and CDs.  And wimmens.  Oh, wait, they're not objects.  Heh heh.  But so shiny!

    Christmas is the shiniest holiday of all, innit?  Full of shiny objects. My favorite.

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