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    It's heavily moderated. The articles are by oil field professionals, geologists, energy analysts and the like. They are quantitative as is required by their professions and the charts are sometimes hard to comprehend.

    But if you scan the comments (high signal to noise ratio due to the moderation) you'll often find a petroleum engineer or seismic expert who will break it down it plain English. It'ts worth your time. I promise.

    Reaganomics noun pl: belief that government is bad, that it can increase revenue by decreasing revenue, and unregulated capitalism can provide unlimited goods for unlimited people on a planet with finite resources.

    by FrY10cK on Fri Apr 05, 2013 at 06:38:03 PM PDT

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      ...along with Daily Kos is one of my home pages.

      As here, the meat of the site is in the comments.  I began reading during the Deepwater Horizon incident--a career- and life-changing event for me--and I'm consistently impressed with the intelligence and clarity of analysis.  I'm a big fan of ROCKMAN.  He's kind of their Fishgrease, minus the F-bombs--the knowledgeable folk hero.

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