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View Diary: DKos Tour Series: Grand Canyon National Park (Part 1) (57 comments)

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    Well, I finally got to the diary tonight - I have been looking forward to it as I have been there. We camped in the campground at GC for a couple of days and did the Bright Angel Trail down and back. We were in great hiking shape and managed to go down and back in about 3 1/2 hours. The ranger told us it would take us 7 hours. We were struck by the unpreparedness of most of the people on the trail (I think I already mentioned this in another of your diaries in which you warned people to go prepared.) Anyway, wearing flip flops and carrying a bottle of soda doesn't seem like it would make for a good GC hike. As you go down the canyon, everyone is chattering and those coming up are interestingly quiet - something about needing all their air to breathe. Seeing the sunrise in GC was one of the most memorable things about it - being pushed around by some of the Asians who were rudely taking over the area (sorry I am not being racist, but it was very frustrating to deal with the rudeness.) I wish I had known more about what I was seeing geologically, but now when I go back, I will know it all! Thanks for this very thorough description of one of the most spectacular places in the world - we are so very lucky that T. Roosevelt saw it as such.

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      that you brought up in your informative comment, wynative, is something I plan to convey to Dkos readers in tomorrow's special supplement featuring all the trails leading into the great Grand Canyon. For the most part, however, people act very well on the trails. Some guests from beyond the borders do tend to act out their usual selves, meaning a bit rude or rowdy, but, again, I find most people coming to visit are considerate. I also think the NPS does an exceptional job managing the park and people. So all in all everything goes well. The worst of the relatively few cut the switchbacks (leaving the trail) and that is a huge no-no in park policy and a stiff, if caught. So far, tagging (the rocks) is also rare. And trash is minimal. But hats that go a-flying when the wind is up. . .man, there must be something like 5,000 hats of all kinds below the rim! There is a twice-annual trash recovery project (volunteers and run by locals) that manages to clean up the waste and hats that gets blown by the wind, and some crews rappelling down the steeper parts to retrieve the stuff. I did that only once many years ago and it was a riot to see all the hats in a pile at the end of the detail. Anyway, I will be sure to mention the points you brought up in tomorrow afternoon's posting. See you for the continuation of the tour (starting around 9) and I happy to hear you enjoyed yesterday's tour. Today will be a bit heavy on the theory end of things, but also human history relative to the canyon.

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