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  •  uh, do you possibly mean. . . (6+ / 0-)

    this relative. . .James  Allen Lancaster was born on the 4th of September 1894 in Clifton, Tennessee to James and Sarah Lancaster, being the fifth of six children. He would move to Oklahoma with his family and work on the family farm for the next thirteen years. The demands of farm life would make school attendance difficult and erratic, and it was because of this that at the age of 21 Lancaster had only just graduated from 8th grade. Following his graduation Al Lancaster set off to claim his own land via the Homestead Act. He found and staked a claim in Baca County, Colorado in 1915. Shortly after his first harvest, Al Lancaster would volunteer for World War I. As he grew weary of his station in a logging site in Oregon, Al requested a transfer to a combat unit but the war ended before his orders came in.

    HA! I came across his name a time or two before, when I was an anthropology sleuth of sorts. Sure I know him and he's quite famous, albeit overshadowed by, of course, the Wetherill brothers. Anyway, I think you could easily write a diary on this gentlemen, because he led a fabulous life and I am sure the DKos community, especially those groups interested in history, would love to hear and learn more. If you can't or won't do such, then maybe I can work in something later on, as an informative diary. By the way, I have always been envious of those folks in those days who came upon archeological ruins and found such amazing artifacts. I was just as distraught to hear how many of them pilfered such, including the universities and museums, and I am pretty darn sure the Native Americans did not think it was such a good idea, and certainly very disrespectful. Anyway, thank you so much for this out of the blue and wonderful posting. You folks! You keep coming up with the hits, while I just crank out the diaries. Methinks there is symbiosis at work here. Huh?

    Treat the world (yourself, and others) as part of a living organism. Everyone and everything will benefit.

    by richholtzin on Sun Apr 07, 2013 at 11:09:45 AM PDT

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